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Apr. 3rd, 2013 03:13 pm
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Player Information

Name: Ki
Personal Journal: [personal profile] kinam
Age: 24
Contact Info: [ profile] therapeuticGuns or breedslilacs @ aim
Other Characters Played: [AU2] Rose Lalonde

Character Information

Character Name: Yuka Mochida
Character Series: Corpse Party: Blood Covered
Character Age: 14
Character Gender: Female!
Alternate Universe
Canon Point: Chapter 5; Other End
Background Link: CP: Blood Covered
AU Background: Here! Linked from before, as it is simply a different ending for the game.


One of the very first things you'll notice about Yuka is that she doesn't look her age at all. She's fourteen? Really? We thought you said eight! When you start getting to know her, you will probably have a harder time believing she's a teenager. The brunette acts a lot younger than she is with a childlike innocence and naivety to boot. This attitude comes about from being pampered and sheltered by her family all her life. Until her time in Heavenly Host, she never needed to face the world like someone of her age would, though even during the visit to the cursed high school this didn't change much.

Although she is able to make her own decisions when necessary, this is usually only when necessary. She can be and still is very dependent on people who are older than her to make the right moves. She will follow their guidance as long as it isn't obviously going to kill her. ...unfortunately, however, she is pretty easily manipulated. So if you convinced her you'd wouldn't let her die, she might still go along with it. It can be very easy to steer her actions, whether because she trusts you or because she doesn't.

She tries her best to act like an adult, wanting to appear mature to her older friends, but more often than not ends up failing in this endeavor. She doesn't know how to actually act like her age, and just sort of mimics the older people around her to try and make her appear mature. All this does though is make her childlike mentality all the more obvious.

Despite the time spent in the grisly school, Yuka is still very disturbed and frightened by the gory and horrible. She has a hard time dealing with monsters, gruesome creatures, blood, violence and death or dead bodies, likely to break down or run away and hide if faced with any of them. There was only one time where she faced the problem head on, and this was to save her brother's life at the very end of her journey (Other End). In the True Ending, she never had to do this.

Yuka believes in the good luck of charms and enjoys making them. During the game, she offers her scented beads to Satoshi, a charm which offers the person that carries it protection from all danger. She is insistent that he takes them, not wanting her brother to come to harm, and pleased when he does. (These beads do actually protect Satoshi within the game, saving his life once but only once).

Her brother is the most important person in her life, and this is very apparent to anyone who knows them. Or anyone who is around the two of them or her while she's on her own. Sometimes she tries to mother him as he can be a bit absent minded and forgetful, bringing him an umbrella and chastising him for leaving things at home, but this is the only time where she's taking seriously as a more mature person. Even then though, it could be that his peers just find it amusing that he's getting scolded by his younger sister. She really looks up to him and looks to him for protection and care. Beyond that, she harbors quite the crush on him as well, though only reveals this with her dying breath in the Other Ending of the game (chosen canon point). Although ghosts are doomed to remain in Heavenly Host if they die there, she manages to find her way back to the mortal plane, haunting her room and crying to her brother that she's lonely.

Abilities: She can hold her bladder for a really, really long time. No but seriously she's as human as human can get. She has no special abilities.

Sample Entry:

For most of her stay, after she'd been informed that her brother wasn't there, Yuka remained in her room. She didn't talk much with her roommates, choosing instead to stay hidden under her blanket. But there's only so long that you can sit around and cry about something before you have to get up and do something about it. Plus, she was starting to get really hungry. And...maybe they just didn't know where her brother was. She wouldn't know for certain if she didn't look herself, right? So it was with as much mustered courage as she could manage that she finally left her room and her exploration of the tower began.

The young girl wasn't amazingly brave, mostly standing by the stairs and calling out for Satoshi to see if he was there. She tried not to linger on any floor for too long, knowing that there were supposed to be monsters roaming around and she really, really didn't want to run into any of them...but then one floor really caught her attention.

There were ladders and slides everywhere. As far as she could see! Which was kind of surprising, but then every other previous floor was really strange too. Who puts hotels in towers? Jeez.

"...niisan?" No answer. "Niisan!" There was still no answer and she whimpered a little, fiddling with her dress. "...maybe he's further in?" After all, who could resist slides? She couldn't and surely Satoshi couldn't either! So she began climbing the first ladder, staring at everything from the top. This was a great view, but she saw there were even taller ladders further in. That meant there was only one thing to do!

Settling onto the slide, she kept a hold of her skirt so it wouldn't ride up on her way down and with a soft "Whee!" slides down to the floor below. Once there she moves on to the next ladder, not really paying attention to where she's going. She just wants to get as high as possible so she can see if her brother was there and enjoy the rides down as she goes!

Soon though she starts realizing that there's a problem with this method as the slides lead to lower and lower platforms...and she's sure the stairs are higher than she can reach now... Scaling the next ladder, she looks at the path ahead of her with concern. Do any of them lead to higher ground? Is there any way to get back up?

First she tries crawling down the ladder and jumping up to the next level. It doesn't work of course - she's far too small - but she has to try. Then she tries clamoring up the slide behind her, but the slippery surface is just too hard to climb. There was no way back out...

Suddenly this floor wasn't as fun anymore.

Sample 2

[[Yuka stared at the screen for a bit after turning it on, as if trying to decide what she wanted to say exactly. Finally she held up a pad of paper in front of the screen. On the front piece are little doodles of what looks like maybe elongated teabags, and something being put into them and some childish handwriting indicating that well wishes and prayers are to be written on those things.]]

Um...excuse me for interrupting whatever you might be doing but...I have a question! I want to make an omamori...well maybe a few. But I don't know where I can find the fabric I need for it. Or...the little pieces of wood either.

[[She falls quiet again, her brows knitting together as she attempted to figure out how to ask for the next part.]]

I also need help with blessing them. You see...Omamori are charms in Japan that bring good luck. They are supposed to protect you, and are blessed by Shinto priests, which is why they work! Because they carry the luck and blessings of the Shinto gods! I don't think there are any shrines here though...

So if there are any priests here, I would...I would really appreciate if you would bless these for me. They're for very important people to me...and I can't really do anything else to help them.

[[Putting the pad down, she bows a little to the screen.]]

Thank you for listening!


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